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NSCP Membership promotes professional growth, development and unification of compliance professionals within the financial services industry. NSCP members have full access to a community of like-minded people, exceptional experiences, practical and compelling content, and essential tools that empower and inspire.

Discover the wealth of compliance expertise and best practices in the pages of our regular publications, member center, forums and through networking with your fellow peers.

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Annual Dues for Standard Individual Members are $475 USD. 

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*Important Note – Compliance consulting firms, please note:

You must have a firm name. We cannot leave a firm name blank or use “Consultant for [name of another firm].”

Occasionally, NSCP is unable to verify a consultant’s practice beyond a firm name, phone number or an e-mail address. In the absence of verifiable employment or existing consultancy, NSCP asks that independent consultants submit a non-consultant industry reference. This may be:

1. a current, active NSCP member, or 2. a representative of the firm/organization with which you were most recently affiliated.

**Review NSCP Membership Terms and Conditions