About NSCP

The National Society of Compliance Professionals is a nonprofit, membership organization dedicated to serving and supporting the compliance professional in the financial services industry. NSCP is for compliance, by compliance. NSCP membership provides financial services compliance professionals with a wide range of resources including a community of like-minded peers, continuing education to further their knowledge and specialized skills, and regulatory involvement through representation of compliance interests.

To create a professional community, “For Compliance, By Compliance.”

Dedicated to advancing the expertise of financial services compliance professionals and the long-term success of the compliance profession.

Values Statement
NSCP commits to the empowerment of all financial services compliance professionals to pursue their goals and further their career aspirations by cultivating a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization. We advocate for the compliance profession and provide opportunities for professional development by creating best-in-class resources and promoting the exchange of knowledge and experience.

NSCP History

In 1986, a year headlined by Insider Trading, Ivan F. Boesky, the Savings and Loan Crisis, Defense Department procurement scandal and the advent of the creation of managerial positions designated to oversee ethical business practices, now called compliance and ethics officers, Joan Hinchman was quietly assisting Jackie Hallihan to form the National Society of Compliance Professionals (NSCP). Begun in 1986 and incorporated in spring of 1987 as a Connecticut 501(c)-6 not-for-profit organization, NSCP was formed to support and promote the growing securities industry compliance profession. Housed and financially supported by Jackie Hallihan and National Regulatory Services (NRS) with just Joan Hinchman and one part-time administrative assistant, NSCP grew to 200 members in its first three months and offered a newsletter and consultation services. There was no on-line Federal Register and NSCP staff had to leaf through everything every few days to find important information for its members. NSCP held its first member meeting in the spring of 1989 in Washington, D.C. NSCP eventually separated from NRS and in 1990 moved into its own office space in rural Connecticut.

Over thirty years since its inception, NSCP has grown to 2000+ members with a plethora of educational offerings and networking opportunities for its members. The success of NSCP is owed to the many compliance professionals in our industry who freely volunteer their time and expertise to sit on NSCP’s board and committees, speak at regional and national conferences, write articles for NSCP’s preeminent journal, Currents, and offer their knowledge and expertise to others. We invite you to come experience what others have experienced since 1986, a network of compliance professionals assisting one another in a constantly changing and challenging regulatory environment.