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Local Compliance Roundtable

Roundtables are an opportunity for local compliance professionals to meet periodically to network and further their professional development. The Roundtables offer a unique medium for learning which compliments conferences and online resources and many members say this is the best way to stay current.
NOTE: NSCP neither sponsors local compliance Roundtables nor do we have control over participation restrictions, content or format of the meetings.
Rules of Conduct:
  • Persons attending such Roundtables are to be at an experience level that allows them to actively participate in such meetings. Roundtable meetings are not to be considered training opportunities for new firm employees or vendors that are not actively involved in day-to-day compliance functions.
  • Persons attending the Roundtables are not to use the meetings as marketing opportunities.
  • Nothing discussed at the Roundtables is to be used to obtain competitive advantages over other firms.
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This Roundtable Registration information will be sent directly to the Roundtable Coordinator who will add you to their mailing list for future events and/or will contact you directly if further information is needed or your contact information does not qualify you to participate on their Roundtable.  (See Roundtable description for any restriction information.)