The NSCP Affinity Program Provides Members Exclusive Discounts on Products and Services

25% off Presentation and Interviewing Skills by Beaumont Leadership Group LLC

One of the most rewarding and important opportunities in your career will be in front of audiences giving dynamic and memorable presentations. Feeling the energy from your audience while captivating the room! This is what I teach my clients. Let’s work together to turn that nervousness into excitement and blow your audiences away.

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25% off ComplianceExpress: Form CRS Delivery & Record-keeping by InvestorCOM

Manage enterprise document delivery and record-keeping transactions supporting a wide variety of compliance requirements. Manage digital, in-person or physical delivery of any client documents (including Form CRS and PeerCompareTM disclosure) on a single compliant platform. Integrated compliance reporting enables advisor and dealer compliance staff to track all disclosure events including client receipt and opens. Key benefits include:

– Simplifies the process for advisors to disclose any client document including Reg BI documents
– Consolidates real-time reporting (advisor and enterprise-level) for all client disclosure and advisor notes
– Drive significant truncation of paper documents on leading digital platform

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20% off All Consulting Packages from Adviser Compliance Consulting Inc. (ACC)

Adviser Compliance Consulting Inc. (ACC) is a compliance consulting firm that provides pro-active compliance solutions to registered investment advisers, hedge funds, private funds, investment companies, private equity and financial professionals, including outsource CCO service. ACC has extensive experience in the global asset management industry, which includes over twenty years in the Investment Company/Investment Adviser and international compliance area.

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20% off GIPS Compliance Verification from Cascade Investment Compliance

Cascade Investment Compliance & Verification provides GIPS compliance consulting, independent verification, and performance examinations. Founded in 2017 with decades of experience, our team is passionate about providing exceptional client service, promoting industry best practices, and offering expert guidance to our clients.

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20% Off Form CRS Automator by Compliance Solutions Strategies (CSS)

Form CRS Automator has launched and you’re invited to get access to Compliance Solutions Strategies’ solution as a  member of NSCP!

CSS developed the Form CRS Automator software tool to streamline the process. It allows teams to quickly produce compliant and accurate information while correctly interpreting the SEC’s strict Form CRS instructions– saving valuable time and reducing risk of non-compliant content that does not align with other filings.

Investment advisers and broker-dealers are required to file Form CRS with the SEC or FINRA by June 30, 2020. For compliance teams, meeting this regulatory obligation can be cumbersome and time-consuming; the final rule alone is over 500 pages.

Features include:

  • Guaranteed consistency with existing regulatory filings, including as many as 89 data points in Form ADV, Part 1A
  • Embedded logic and requirements from the SEC release and CRS instructions for Investment Advisers and Broker-Dealers
  • Expert content curated by our team of compliance professionals
  • Full ability to customize your filing

CSS is offering NSCP members an exclusive discount on Form CRS Automator. Purchase today and save 20% – Verify NSCP Membership to receive the code here.

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20% off Consulting Services from Warburton Advisers

Consulting services include:
– Independent audits including AML and data governance
– Regulatory advice includes free Compliance Officer Coaching
– Product support includes free ESG compliance assessment
– Quarterly compliance testing includes free Compliance ROI Assessment
– Training includes free GIFS & micro-training videos

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$375 off Annual Updating Amendment Filing from Solid Regulatory Risk Mgmt Svcs, Inc.

Solid Reg

Solid provides Compliance Consulting and support services as well as “Independent Consultant” Services. Solid works with Investment Advisers, Broker/Dealers and Funds. Solid also provides independent AML audits for compliance with BSA. Finally Solid can undertake a cyber risk assessment tailored to your firm.
Call us today!

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15% off Legal document translation service from All Language Alliance, Inc.

Multilingual legal and financial document translation services from and into English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Persian, Portuguese, Turkish, Amharic, Dutch, Spanish, Danish, other languages for regulatory compliance. Certified translation of multi-language e-Discovery to English. Deposition interpreter services in all languages. Details at:

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15% off Compliance Consulting & CCO Outsourcing from Cipperman Compliance Services

CCS provides compliance services to money managers, broker-dealers, registered funds, and private equity firms. CCS has grown to an experienced team of compliance professionals focused exclusively on the investment management industry. Our compliance professionals have more than 20 years of industry experience.

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15% off FX Transaction Cost Analysis (FX TCA)

FX Transparency is the leader in the foreign exchange transaction cost analysis (FX TCA) space. Founded in 2009, we serve over 150 Asset Owners and Managers. Our service saves money, creates operational efficiencies and supports clients’ compliance efforts.

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15% Off Independent AML Test, NMA/CMA, Risk Assessment from JU Regulation, LLC

JU Regulation is a regulatory consulting firm specializing in broker dealer and investment advisor compliance matters. Expertise included New Member Application, Continuing Member Applications, Materiality Consultations, Independent AML Test and Risk Assessments.

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15% off ADV Updates, Form CRS and Consulting Services and 10% off Software Implementation from Red Oak Compliance

Red Oak provides compliance services and software to broker-dealers, registered investment advisers, private equity, hedge funds and large global asset managers. Out team has over 100 years of collective experience in the financial services industry.

Red Oak’s software is the advertising compliance review software of choice in the financial services industry with clients having over $19 trillion in assets under management. Clients range from single person firms to many of the world’s largest asset managers. Discover why the biggest firms in the industry rely on Red Oak for faster approvals, books and records compliance, and improved efficiency.

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15% off SmartRIA Pro compliance software

SmartRIA is a compliance software platform for RIAs. We differentiate ourselves by solving more compliance problems in a single platform than do our competitors, and by continuously working to make our customer experience better through ease of use, customer feedback, and great support. SmartRIA Pro™ software provides game-changing fiduciary oversight and surveillance for growing RIAs. This exclusive offer to NSCP members cannot be stacked onto other SmartRIA discounts.

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15% off Regulatory Consulting from V&V Consulting

Boutique consulting firm offers regulatory consulting to investment advisors, broker-dealers and banks that cater to high net worth and ultra high net worth international clients. Expertise in anti money laundering and cross border issues, SEC, FINRA and Fed rules.

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