The MARS product suite transforms big data into market intelligence and allows you to perform sophisticated business analysis, trending and reporting to increase your insights and grow
profitability.   MARS provides:

  • Flexible and Dynamic sales and asset reporting with native, integrated CRM for mutual funds, managed accounts, insurance, alternatives, and ETFs;
  • Real-time, bi-directional sales and asset data integration with Salesforce® CRM to improve your ability to measure sales effectiveness and perform sophisticated marketing campaigns;
  • Innovative mobile app providing advanced contact, activity, mapping, analytics and sales reporting information;
  • Seamless third party data integrations with RIA data and competitive market providers;
  • Comprehensive Channel and Territory configuration management;
  • 22c-2 & Prospectus Compliance Management;
  • Data aggregation/reconciliation/cleaning/stewardship services to ensure accurate trade resolution including Omni/SERV and omnibus account reconciliation;
  • Application Hosting and Business Resumption Services;
  • Dependable partners providing industry knowledge and expertise to the asset management industry for over 15 years.