CSCP Recertification

The purpose of the CSCP recertification process is to ensure that CSCP Professionals maintain and enhance their compliance expertise, and to offer the public a form of assurance that individuals practicing in a profession maintain their competence in that profession once certified. To that end, CSCP Professionals are required to earn continuing education credits through training, education and other professional development activities as outlined in this handbook.

Continuing Education Credit Requirements
A total of 40 continuing education credits must be accumulated within a two-year cycle. and the deadline for accumulating the required credits is December 31st of your recertification year. Use the worksheet provided in this guide to organize and tally your acceptable continuing education credits. Please note that recertification applicants must maintain an active NSCP membership over the 2-year period in order to recertify.

Additional credits earned past the required 40 cannot be rolled over to the following cycle.

The deadline for earning continuing education credits is 2 years from the date of the original certificate or the last recertification date.

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