Request NSCP Sponsor Your Webinar

NSCP welcomes new ideas and dynamic new presenters who face the same day-to-day challenges as our membership and other industry professionals.

We invite you to share your experiences, advice, and tried and tested strategies. If you would like NSCP to sponsor your next webinar, please review our NSCP Guidelines for sponsoring your webinar and tell us about your webinar below.

Request NSCP Sponsor Your Webinar 

NSCP Webinar Sponsorship Requirements
NSCP welcomes you to submit a request for sponsorship of your upcoming webinar. In order to be approved your webinar must meet the following criteria:
  1. Your webinar dates can not conflict with or otherwise interrupt NSCP planned events or webinars. 

  2. If approved, NSCP will agree to send a version of the one (1) email invitation your firm will also be sending to the NSCP entire mailing list as long as the marketing timing does not conflict with NSCP's own marketing plan.

  3. The content covered in your webinar does not conflict with or repeat recent or planned content for upcoming NSCP events.

  4. The marketing message sent by your firm, once approved, will not be altered.

  5. The firm and its panelists agree not to misrepresent this sponsorship relationship with the audience during the event.
Once approved, NSCP will provide a copy of our logo for your marketing piece. Approval of your marketing pieces with our logo will need to be obtained and then will be copied into our marketing tool for distribution to our entire audience. We will then coordinate with you a date and time in which we will send the email invitation. No more than one (1) send of this email will be sent by NSCP, however we have no restrictions/requirements on the sending of your NSCP approved version to your audience. Changes to content, panelists and dates must be approved by NSCP again, prior to edited marketing releases.

Marketing Contact Person for Follow-up:
Whom should we contact to notify of approval status?

Panelists Involved:

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